Kaz Delaney appearing at WriteFest.

Writing as Kerri Lane and as Kaz Delaney (watch for Dead, Actually out in March 2012.) this hard working author  is bringing insights into the world of YA – specifically a market that’s hungry for something to read – and news of an often overlooked way to break in, the Education Market.

In her sixteen years as a published author, Kaz Delaney has written over 60 titles for children and Young Adults. Her 10 YA novels have been published in both the Australian and US trade markets, exclusively of each other. Her books My Life as a Snow Bunny and Princesses Don’t Sweat were lead titles for Dorchester’s (NY) Smooch imprint. Her current YA is entitled  Dead, Actually (Allen & Unwin) – the first in the Dead Series –  and is a March 2012 release.

Riding the Wave of YA Success – fangs optional.
Kaz Delaney
Editors and publishers can’t get enough YA fiction and everyone from Stephen King down wants a piece of the action.
If you want to know why is this happening, join  Kaz Delaney. Learn about her own journey and examine what makes a YA novel succesful. She will discuss tone, markets, audience, agents, selling across two continents and popular culture in the context of the YA novel.
You’ll be encouraged to dig deep to find the story that drives the YA character, and  come away with a compelling YA protagonist of your own.

The Other Way to Break into Writing for Children and Young Adults:

Writing For the Education Market
Kerri Lane
the Education Market can be lucrative and offers opportunities for publication. Many of Australia’s best loved children’s authors began their careers writing Education Texts, or have written for this market.
So, how do you break into it, and what are the tricks?  Look at the market with Kerri Lane. Learn about texts ranging from Early Readers through to Chapter Books and Young Adult novels, and beyond  – to ‘readers’ targeted at the Adult Education market.
Kerri will examine publisher requirements, deadlines, word counts, language level, content suitability and tone.
You’ll pick up hints and tips, analyse successful texts and work towards completing your own Early Reader text.