Words+Music @ Alowishus



This year we thought, we wondered, we bounced ideas around – and they were bounced back a couple of times (ouch) I’ll tell you – but an idea solidified at last.

Our CRUSH contribution this year would be music based. Why? Cos musos need words, don’t they. And we writers do words, don’t we.

Don’t you love it when that creativity kicks in?  Especially creativity spurred on by a little healthy chaos.

Part one of our musical connection was a night of education and entertainment at Alowishus Delicious with Undercover Experience. We wanted to know a little about the inner workings of the musician’s mind.


  • great crowd of non-writers.
  • great crowd of frustrated lyricists.
  • lots of gelato eaten (it was free) , and dinners enjoyed.
  • Some dancing.
  • lyricists got to chat with musos.
  • writers shared their lyrics.
  • connections were made.
  • Our band decided to come to the Workshop, on Sunday 5.

The experience was loud. Then it was bluesy. Then it was improv around some poems clutched in hot sweaty trepidatious hands of writers club members.

To Tracey (who opened Alowishus up to us and got behind the idea), to Undercover Experience (who really caught onto the idea of being playful) and to our President, Jen (who did a great job of shepherding) a great big sloppy thanks from us all.

More about the Workshop on Sunday soon, but of course the Lyrics  Competition doesn’t close until Oct 17.  Register your entry now.

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