Acquiring for Penguin Random House

WriteFest 2016 welcomes Lex Hirst, an editor at Penguin Random house who is actively seeking new titles across a variety of genre while visiting Bundaberg in October to conduct interviews with aspiring authors. So make that almost ready-to-go manuscript as shiny bright as you can and get booking.

She’s interested in any commercial genre, but is eager to see new works of fiction (either literary or commercial) and creative non-fiction like memoirs and essays.


Beaches and margaritas are two of Lex’s fave down-time loves. Seems like Sub-tropic coasts are purpose built to welcome this editor.

Lex’s current roles at Penguin Random House are in acquiring romance titles and in working across a variety of titles in Random House’s print list, from romance to memoir, true crime to literary fiction.

For the last two years she co-directed the National Young Writers’ Festival, Australia’s largest gathering of writers aged 18-35. She periodically programs other events such as the Junkee Take On political series and, most recently, Cubby House, the love child of Secret Garden Festival and Concrete Playground.