Title Me Trivia October 6, 2018

Q: Aidan Turner loses his shirt in this latest television outing for Winston Graham’s story of 18th century Cornwall. Can you name the novel?

PS. Just curious.  Does the delightful Ross (played by Aidan) scything the field bare chested, or rising from the Cornish foam, improve the story, or enhance viewer experience, or both?

So, you’re writers, and readers, and movie goers. Right!  You know how, sometimes, the movie isn’t a patch on the book. And how occasionally the movie matches the book. And how seldom the movie exceeds the book. We could chat about this for ages, mostly because there are hundreds of adaptations to chat about and each is different.

The real question is, how many movies do you know of that started off as a short story or a novel? You might be surprised.

Why not CRASH the CRUSH Block Party, catch up with the club in Post Office Lane on October 6, and test your knowledge at AWESOME ADAPTATIONS. It’ll cost you $2pp to enter into a fast half hour of trivia testing, with three rounds between 5pm and 7.30 pm.

Yes, there is loot to collect. Books, naturally. We are a writers club.*

Kidslit                                                     AA Children's prizes

Mainstream                      AA Mainstream prizes

Comics                                                         AA Comics prizes


To be honest,  Shop 85, the comic book shop, as well as giving us comics, has included a little something unexpected, a $30 barber shop voucher for your favourite hairy hero. And for the true comic nerd, Bundaberg’s own Shane Foley (currently inking Phantom comics) has donated an original artwork, The Shadow King. IMG_1982

All you have to do for a chance to win is be there for the 7.30- 8pm slot – carrying that $2 entry fee.

Thanks to all the sponsors helping make Awesome Adaptations the best trivia event on the block.



Oh, the answer to the challenge: Name the novel adaptation in which star Aidan Turner loses his shirt. It is, of course, Poldark.