Counting down to WriteFest

Only a brief twinkle in time before this year’s WriteFest is upon us, and I have to say, this year it will be a step beyond what the club alone has been able to bring you.

WriteFest is the same friendly space at CQU for writers to meet with peers and chat to successful Australian authors, and with publishers and editors.

And rather than simply hoping some of those hard earned skills and insights will rub off, the workshops ensure WriteFestians leave with a bounty of  practical information, as well as a few handy tips (and maybe, tricks).

So you see, nothing’s changed. It’s just, like Topsy, WriteFest has grown.

With Creative Regions throwing its  administrative might behind the festival’s organisation (don’t worry – presenters have been invited in consultation with Bundaberg Writers Club), workshops now stretch over a full weekend, including two Masterclasses – The Art of Story and Creating Rounded Characters, both on Sunday, October 8 at CQU. The Masterclasses are, as usual, an all day event.

As an invitation to the Bundaberg community, writing related events feature before and after the festival, and Arnold Zable, human rights advocate and acclaimed writer of stories, large and small, will present a keynote addressThe Power of Story to open 2017’s expanded WriteFest.

Bookings are online but as usual you can pay on the day. Maybe sure you check out the schedule online first though. Morning and afternoon tea are provided, but if you’re there for the whole day you might like to book something from Alowishus Delicious (through the online booking page) to be delivered to you at CQU.

What’s this about booking with Alowishus for lunch?

In the past you’ve had to book for a whole day. The good thing is now you can book by the half day – perhaps mix and match a Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning session. So we’re not providing lunch as usual, though morning and afternoon tea will be provided as usual.

Writefest this year is a bit like having a big bowl full of delicious tidbits to choose from, and finding you can have the whole lot, if you want.

See you at WriteFest.





The Art of Story

Arnold Zable


Writer, storyteller, educator, best selling novelist and human rights advocate, Arnold Zable, brings his passion for story to WriteFest.

A compelling storyteller, he draws from memory and history to uncover the trauma of displacement, and the strengths of community in his Masterclass: The Art of Story.

The line between fiction and non-fiction is not as distinct as it once was. At the heart of any story, whatever the genre, is imagination, constructed scenes, setting and characterisation.

The question is, how to best tell your story? How to use craft to bring an idea to its full potential.

The Masterclass is full-day, October 8 from 9am-4.30pm at CQUniversity. Breaks are included for morning and afternoon tea (provided), and lunch. BYO lunch, or take the opportunity to book lunch for delivery on the booking page.