15 minutes kick-started my writing career.

My 15 minutes’ feedback from a literary agent at Writefest encouraged me to believe I had some creative talent, and eventually led to a contract with a major publisher, Hachette Australia, for ‘Hustling Hinkler’, my biography of Australian aviation trailblazer, Bert Hinkler.  I found Writefest to be a very supportive environment for aspiring writers.

~ Darryl Dymock, Brisbane


It started when I entered your writing competition…

You gave me the best kick-start on how to write a short story that anyone could have been given, and it gives me much pleasure to say thank you.  It catapulted me into the writing fraternity that I have found immensely helpful, like you, and has given me the utmost pleasure at the same time.

This has been going on for four plus years and the result is over seventy short stories being published.

I intend to expand [this year’s] story and make it into a novel. I think I might also publish a book of my short stories.

See what you started

~ Shirley Burgess, Melbourne