WriteFest 2011

We couldn’t have hoped for this year’s WriteFest to have been any better. The presenters were fantastic, the attendees were enthusiastic and passionate about learning, the feedback was valuable and the weather was sunny.

Here is some of the attendee feedback :

Thank you for such a wonderful, inspiring, and welcoming experience.  Not only did I have an amazing time in the Master class – boy, do I have a lot to learn – but I met some captivating people too.  It was fantastic to have met so many talented people already established in the industry, as well as those who are learning to hone their skills.

The Bundaberg Writing Group itself – what a lovely, exciting group of people.  The ladies I met welcomed me with open arms, listened with excitement as I told them what I was working on, and made me feel as if I were a part of their group too.   

I had a wonderful time, and look forward to attending Write Fest again next year.



Thanks for organising such a fantastic weekend. I came away with lots of good information and can’t wait to get going with it all!




But it wasn’t just the attendees who enjoyed their day, our presenters were also glad to be part of WriteFest

I just wanted to say I had a wonderful time in Bundaberg. Thank you so much for the opportunity! Everything was lovely, from start to finish, and it was the most welcoming conference I’ve ever attended. You’ve got something really special there, and I’m sure you’ll do even more fantastic work in the years to come.

Take care,

Leanne Taylor (Qantm College Lecturer)

QWC's Aimee Lindorff (centre bottom) with passionate spec fic writers

Attendee Lachie Duffy with Qantm College Lecturer Leanne C Taylor

Editor Deonie Fiford's Sunday Masterclass

Presenters, editors, and the WriteFest committee

Raffles & souvenir table


AM Workshops

Leanne C Taylor – Narrative theories and their importance in game design

Anne Gracie – Conflict

Dr Leah Giarratano – Psychology of the villain

Ray Floro – Getting physical: a combat primer

Aimee Lindorff – Publishing SF in Australia

PM Workshops

Leanne C Taylor – Nuts and bolts of writing for games

Anne Gracie – Creating emotional punch

Dr Leah Giarratano – Creating compelling characters

Ray Floro – Getting physical: a combat primer


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